Five Holiday Gifts Can Benefit Your Brand and Your Employees

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You may reward your employees who are loyal and performed very well in their job at the year end however it is not necessary that your reward has to be only in the cash form.

Here in this post we are offering you five ideas of offering corporate gifts Singapore to your employees whom you want to recognize.


People tend to work harder if the message goes that they are getting little more than just a pay check after doing hard work. As per the studies made, 50% of employees prefer recognition rather than cash awards.

So why not offer your good employees certain holiday gift with your own brand to recognize them?

You can also motivate your employees with certain incentive too. As an example, if certain employee can reach sales milestone, then offer him a bonus with holiday gift at year end.

You can also think of many other corporate gift ideas for your bright employees.

Flexible working locations and hours

Stress levels usually go very high during end of each year, and if you take little stress off from the mind of your employees, that can help them much more than what you realize.

Why not offer your employee a flexible work time instead of certain gift which they may not even remember next year? Following are few things that you can offer:

  • Offer your employees the option of working any time of the day by maintaining total time.
  • Offer your employees to work while they are at home.
  • Offer longer lunch period to do holiday shopping.

Brand gifts that they’ll actually use

Do you also want to promote your brand while offering the gift? You can think of certain gift which can be item of their regular use with your company logo.

Here are few ways you may incorporate your own logo in your gift that your employees too will actually find quite useful:

  • Customized laptop bags where you can print your company logo with best employee printed on it.
  • A t-shirt with company logo that will add in their wardrobe too.
  • Customized Bluetooth speaker and customize the speaker by printing your logo.

Offer the festival gift

Most of the companies often hold holiday parties to entertain their employees. Switch things up to host holiday party that your employees may not ever forget. Here are few ways you may update any stagnant holiday party next time:

  • Host beer brewing class in a local brewery. Also, wine tasting party in a local winery.
  • Why not invite your employees at your home to have dinner and drinks?
  • Out of town visit with your employees. Let them also bring their guest to offer nice meal with drink.
  • Take your employees to casino or horse races and offer them some money to bet.

Healthy gifts

One most popular resolution of the New Year can be getting healthier or losing weight. As an employer, you will certainly prefer healthier employees and so why not offer your employee a gift of health?

Some of the healthy gift ideas can be offering to pay cost of gym membership or a fitness class.

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